Monday, 15 April 2013

Golden Gurls - Kid Tested

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Musical scenes and styles only fall apart when they either sell-out, become tired and uninspiring or get so repetitive that it's a struggle to wring the last few drops of credibility out of them before tossing them aside. In short, they need to stay fresh. Two, perhaps surprising, survivors of the musical merry-go-round are shoegaze and fuzz-rock, two genres that are often linked. This may be down to the fact that neither has ever been the overriding musical distillation of a particular time or generation. It's never been massively in fashion, therefore it hasn't gone out of fashion. This is most likely to continue thanks to bands like Golden Gurls.

Formed in 2009, they've recently released debut album 'Typo Magic', just at a time when the kind of music they make is enjoying as much limelight as it ever has (which admittedly isn't a great deal). New single 'Kid Tested' has that freshness to it, it sounds like a band who want to be making music, rather than going through motions, and that's why it succeeds. It owes as much to Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. as the shoegaze scene, but thanks to the grinding, fuzzing, fizzing guitar and catchy pop hook its appeal should be enough to span the small bridge that divides those camps with ease.

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