Monday, 15 April 2013

Glorytellers - So Long Before Your Grave

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It's only a few days away then. Get ready for all the hype while fans queue up to buy limited edition releases that have been made available for Record Store Day. Many of these releases will be lazy reissues or songs that didn't make the cut of a band's recent album, and probably a few hastily-written new tunes by artists who think they should do their bit/cash-in on the annual event before everyone goes back to illegal torrents and iTunes downloads. We'll only be concentrating on genuinely worthy, original and decent music that's being released to coincide with the yearly stampede, and this will include the third album by Geoff Farina's Glorytellers project.

Taken from said album is 'So Long Before Your Grave', a track that centres around Farina's acoustic singer-songwriter guise, although the band in general has a fluid line-up and members come and go, so whether this will be a reflection of the album as a whole we don't know. If it is however, that would be no loss, because here Farina has produced a song that matches anything on his recent solo album. Backed by a subtle strings and with the voice being prominent, this is an almost bare-bones track compared to some, but this is how it would work best. The subject matter does lend itself to grand arrangements and swelling orchestration, it's fine as it is and that is the mark of a good songwriter.

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