Monday, 15 April 2013

Flying Ibex - You Dared Me

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Apparently these guys began life "as a house band for a commune of artists in south London, improvising to silent films and theatre pieces". So not your average band formation process then, it sounds as though they were essentially a bunch of session musicians, but you must have a fair amount of compositional skills to be able to do the improvisation work they were employed to do. Forming a band to release their own songs seems like a perfectly natural step. And so Flying Ibex were born.

There's always a bit of a worry with talented musos making tunes together though, too often the resulting music is technically impressive without necessarily being much good to listen too. True to form, there is a slight arty element to these two songs, but that word is important: songs. It's not all paradiddles and complex chord progressions, they've come up with the goods when it comes to the songs. In fact their experimental nature and familiarity with improvisation have actually made 'You Dared Me' and B-side 'Something Was Cured' devoid of genre. You can't really label them (closest well known comparison? Yeasayer maybe). Yes, musicians can admire them, but the rest of us have a couple of good tunes to listen to as well.

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