Friday, 12 April 2013

Artist To Check Out: Bavanandan

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Following the break-up of his former band Battle, Jason Bavanandan set about working on his debut solo album. It's set to be called 'Whiplash Dreams' and should be available any time now. The rough concept of the album is heartbreak (so he's hardly thinking outside the box on this one then), the difference being that the couple in question try to save their ailing relationship by moving to a different city to begin a new lie together. We don't yet know if the outcome is a happy one or ends in crushing disappointment. But early indications are that we'll be treated to some good tunes as the story unfolds.

From the tracks we've heard it's quite clear that this will be a professional sounding record, not sterile and polished, but expertly arranged and produced, not to mention the songs, which are sounding top quality and reasonably varied. We can preview two of them for you here. There's the poppy and string-laden 'Communicate' which mourns a relationship that's failing through lack of communication. Much more hopeful is the self-explanatory 'A New City', the theme of the album which also discusses the problems that can occur in long-term relationships. It's a quite excellent piece of orchestral pop. A few more like this will do just fine.

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