Tuesday 14 August 2012

Christa Vi - Long Way Home

Single review by KevW

With German and Australian heritage, singer-songwriter Christa Vi has currently set up camp in London to craft these delicate, Radio 2 friendly songs. So new single 'Long Way Home' is hardly speaker-melting noise terrorism, but neither is it bland, soulless musings. 'Long Way Home' has its feet planted in the city's nu-folk scene, but from these roots the branches stretch a little further, incorporating electronic sounds, dreampop and the whimsy of Kate Bush and Tori Amos. Christa's strong voice is the engine room of the song, being that rare combination of fragile beauty, spellbinding warmth and gutsy power. I think it's safe to assume that these vocals would sound barely different live, there's no hiding behind studio trickery here.

Keen to embrace folktronica, something which the original version touches upon, it's the trio of remixes that transform the song, showing it in a different light but remaining true to the original's idea. Asa & Eleven8 bring in gentle beats, simply lifting the tune to a different platform. Mint's Clockwork Funfair take a more subtle approach, mutating the song into an understated piece of trip-hop. To complete the hat-trick of tasteful reworkings, Super Class turn a song about daytime life in the city to a nocturnal animal more suited to late nights and that post-club journey home. It's rare that such a simple and pretty song can be remade so consistently well, but on 'Long Way Home' we can happily say well done to all involved.

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