Monday 13 August 2012

Artist To Check Out: Colour Of Bone

Article by KevW

Taking the whole not-much-to-go-on-for-a-feature aspect to a brand new level is/are Colour Of Bone. Citing influences as Dr Dre and George Martin, it's clear that production values are an important factor in Colour Of Bone's music. With a solitary song to judge them by we can only guess at what the general sound of the project will be. 'Sympathiser' is the first of three tracks which will be released online for streaming purposes only, with a limited edition album to follow. Although no date has been set for this yet, we'll hazard a guess at maybe the end of the year.

Whoever Colour Of Bone is/are, they're UK based and describe themselves as powerpop and rock, and with just over three minutes of recorded output available to hear it's difficult to disagree. Those two fairly generic terms don't quite do Sympathiser justice. Sure it would come under the humongous banner of rock and yes, it's powerful. It's also experimental and cleverly combines noise and melody, distortion and riffs and innovation with regular sounds. So it's an odd and intriguing track that leaves the appetite suitably whetted for those promised future releases.

Colour Of Bone's website

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