Saturday 11 August 2012

Band To Check Out: The Little Philistines

Article by KevW

Keeping the flag flying for slightly eccentric indie/pop/rock are South London noisemakers The Little Philistines, a quintet (four boys and one girl - you have our deepest sympathies, Emily). Formed in 2006, they already have a clutch of releases to their name and new album 'Nuclear Envelope' (what the hell is one of those?) is currently scheduled for a release in early October. But like a big bunch of teasing bastards they've gradually been revealing the album track by track on their soundcloud and bandcamp pages. Not in any particular order or, as far as we can tell, in any particular regularity. Still, it's working in building a steady amount of interest/hype around the record, and even the normally very reserved Sound Of Confusion *ahem* is looking forward to hearing the tracks in their full and proper order.

Mind you, this is more than you get from some people like Radiohead who are happy to sling an album out there with no prior warning at all; something that's seemed like a bit of an anti-climax in the past. So at least The Little Philistines are gently whetting our appetite. Four songs are up so far from the album they claim is their most diverse yet. Their own comparisons of Blur and The Beach Boys kind of fit, but really we're looking at the past thirty years of eccentric British indie bands. There are indiepop strings, the odd bit of brass, possibly a kitchen sink and the energy of a class of school kids after a trip to the Sunny Delight factory, hammering out lyrics about unusual topics such as eating girls, pigeon shit and, of course, nuclear envelopes. It's indiepop genetically modified to include some of Usain Bolt's genes, and the album could be a riot of colourful fun.

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