Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Zolas - Ancient Mars

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There are many theories about the history of the planet Mars, not least whether or not it was formerly inhabited, and these have been fuelled by recent probes that appear to confirm that water was indeed present on The Red Planet. 'Ancient Mars' talks of other mysteries too, including the pyramids and time travel, but it's a more recent mystery that's inspired the video. Vancouver duo The Zolas first released the album 'Ancient Mars' in 2012, but are now giving the title-track, an easy yet well-crafted indie-rock song, a release as a single.

The video is inspired by the case of Elisa Lam, a friend of a friend of the band, who went missing on a trip to LA last year. Mysteriously her body was found in the water tank at the top of a hotel and accidental drowning was given as the cause of death. Dig deeper and you find that the hotel has a history of suicides and murders, and CCTV footage filmed shortly before her disappearance shows her behaving very strangely, almost as if she's hiding from and communicating with an unseen entity. All of which makes for a fascinating story, but when it results in the passing of a girl with the rest of her life ahead of her it's more a tragedy than anything else. Perhaps some comfort can be taken in the fact that she now has a very good song and carefully filmed video dedicated to her.

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