Sunday, 2 February 2014

School - SoLong

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There's bound to be a little confusion here. New Swedish band School are in no way connected to Welsh indiepop group The School, although both will likely share a few records in their respective collections. This Gothenburg quartet have just released their debut single 'SoLong', and when we heard that it had drawn comparisons to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and DIIV our ears pricked up a touch more than normal. So is there anything in that comparison, and are School worthy of our time? With only one song to go on it might be difficult to give a definitive answer, but assuming this is typical of their music, then the answer to both questions is affirmative.

There is the jangly-guitared rush of TPOBPAH about 'SoLong', but it occupies a slightly dreamier space, and is therefore likely to go down well with the dreampop and shoegaze crowds. There's nothing overwhelmingly spectacular about this track, it's more that it's a very good example of its genre, and with ever more people trying their hand at these sounds in recent years, that in itself is no mean feat. The song falls just short of three-minutes long, so you could say they've timed it just right as this is often the optimum length for such music. However, once you reach the end, it almost feels like it's over too soon. So that fact alone suggests they must be doing something right. It's left us wanting more anyway.

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