Monday, 1 July 2013

Stay Bless - Always

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Alright, try this on for size. London artist Stay Bless (or George Cassavetes to use his real name) has given a list of acts who influence his songwriting. Here it is: Fleetwood Mac, George Michael, Bruce Hornsby and Spiritualized. Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Hornsby; you can see a similarity there, but the other two? Does not compute. It's not my personal bias in considering Spiritualized to be one of the greatest musical forces of all time and George Michael to be a purveyor of the shittest load of old toss since 1982, it's just difficult to work out how the two could be combined.

The good news for anyone with functioning ears is that there's not the merest hint of the designer-stubbled car-botherer to be found on 'Always'. In fact there's not really much trace of the others either; 'Always' is a very good alt-pop tune with gospel leanings, which it could be argued are inspired by Spiritualized, but not a lot of AOR as suggested by the remaining two. Stay Bless has his own sound and it's emotive and stirring as well as being classy and easily digestible. Although it's unlikely to offend your gran, this is a quite beautiful, life-affirming pop tune from a man with an unusually varied (as in total polar opposites) taste in music. As long as the results are this good, I guess it doesn't matter where it came from.

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'Always' will be released through 37 Adventures

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