Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lion Bark - Two Prongs

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The idea of dropping out of music school because you realise you've already formed a band is an interesting one, and we hope it pays off for Brighton's Lion Bark. They currently all have part time jobs (and proudly point out that their bass player is a postman) but the long term goal is, presumably, to make a living out of music. That is after all, the subject they chose to study, so we have to assume it was part of the plan all along. It's far too early to be making any solid predictions about future success as 'Two Prongs' is their first proper song, but we can try anyway.

Finding fault with this track is very difficult; you can tell that music is something that none of the band are new to as this feels confident and sounds nicely made. It's not like many of the demos and other first recordings we get sent, so in that respect they're on course. As for commercial potential, well we know guitar bands aren't hogging the spotlight as much as they have. 'Two Prongs' probably won't change that alone, but with a few more decent alt-rock tracks like this, with more of these harmonies and the relaxed sound they make, there's a possibility they could be onto something. If Lion Bark can get a break somehow then they could do well, it's just a case of writing that breakthrough hit single. Easy, right?

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