Sunday, 14 July 2013

Julian Fulton and The Zombie Gospel - Two Little Thieves

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On their debut EP 'Hearts & Arms', Julian Fulton and The Zombie Gospel gave us six songs which gradually increased in length, from just over two minutes for the opening track, up to six-and-a-half for the closer. This pattern continues with new single 'Two Little Thieves' adding on and extra minute-and-a-half. The song needs to be this length though, it's not made up of filler and it doesn't feel like a struggle to listen to as some more rambling tracks can do. Production-wise this seems cleaner and more ambitious, and this ambition is matched by the writing and results in possibly their best tune yet.

The debut EP was experimental and took in various styles but the overall sound was more lo-fi. Here that experimentation continues from the modern alt-rock beginning which steadily introduces more soul, especially in the vocals and funky bassline, but there are a few twists still to come. The New Jersey group live up to the "gospel" aspect of their name, and following a neat guitar break the second half of the track gets underway, this time feeling more driven and powerful with a strong vocal. The last two-and-a-half minutes see them hurl even more guitar and voices at the song, along with some brass, until it's a proggy mix of indie, rock, soul, gospel and more. I wonder what their eight-minute follow-up with be like...

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7/20/13: LAKEWOOD, NJ FirstEnergy Park Jersey Shore Music Festival
8/8/13: BETHLEHEM, PA Musikfest
8/23/13: BLAIRSTOWN, NJ Historic Blairstown Theater

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