Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Five For Free #195

Lust For Youth - Vibrant Brother

This strange artifact sounds as though it could have come from one of the more avant-garde bands of the new-wave/post-punk era, but it's taken from 'Perfect View', the new album by Scandinavian duo Lust For Youth. 'Vibrant Brother' combines warped electronics with an unsettling air of menace, a bit like a load of electro-pop bands interbreeding to the point where they become totally disfigured, and it's great.

Lust For Youth's website

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Catch them live:

Jul 12 Creepy Teepee Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

Strange Cages - All Your Love

Brighton trio Strange Cages are so new that we think they only have this one song online as of yet. Being an initial recording, it does have the slight feel of a demo about it, although in this instance it works in 'All Your Love''s favour, as this kind of garage/psych tune is best sampled without over zealous production. Plus it sounds incredibly promising for a first effort. Watch this space.

Strange Cages' website

Catch them live:

Islington O2 Academy on Saturday 20th July

Glass Gang - Waves

You know how sometimes we post songs on the site about which we have very little info whatsoever? Yeah, that. Glass Gang are from Brooklyn and judging by that picture there's three of them in the band. They seem very new but are getting loads of attention, and with songs like the awesome atmospheric alt-pop/indie/whatever it is 'Waves' it's hardly surprising.

Glass Gang's website

Black Rose Mansion - Original Skin

We can tell you more about Arizona's Black Rose Mansion. The quartet formed last year and this summer will be releasing their debut album 'Quiet Down Now'. You can grab single 'Original Skin' for free and it's a punky piece of guitar-pop that provides an instant hit, therefore boding very well for the full-length which we hope has a similar contrast of dark and light, noise and melody.

Black Rose Mansion's website

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Bipolar Sunshine - Blossom

'Blossom' is the third and final track to be taken from Bipolar Sunshine's new EP 'Aesthetics'. This will be his debut EP and has been a while in the making, something which shows. There's a complexity and depth here that doesn't come easily and this considered approach has made for a very fine alt-pop/soul track from an artist who has the potential to do very well for himself.

Download 'Blossom' for free by heading here

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Catch him live:

July 23 London - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen [w/ WHITE LIES]
July 24 London - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen [w/ WHITE LIES]
July 25 London - Hoxton Bar & Kitchen [w/ WHITE LIES]

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