Friday, 12 July 2013

Deafkid - Vigilante

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Having not read any reviews of the new single from London duo Deafkid we can't be sure, but we'll be surprised if we're not the only ones to have mentioned Animal Collective as a possible comparison, and maybe you could throw Yeasayer in there too. It also shows that Chris and Flo (it is they who are Deafkid) were previously members of experimental hip-hop artist Ghostpoet's band, as that's another influence that creeps into new single 'Vigilante'. To be honest, this song seems to pluck sounds from every corner of the world and fuse them together.

The beat is inventive and is more tropical sounding than that of traditional western pop music, but it's done with a crunch that sounds thoroughly cutting edge. The melody has something of an exotic feel too, as does the guitar. It's quite a task to pin this track down to a genre or a place, and the mixture of organic and digital instruments as well as modern production techniques make for a quite unique listen. 'Vigilante' is also a very big song, even though this may not be instantly apparent. When the voices, instruments and production all collide with each other at various points then something new is created. It's all very impressive.

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