Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Beth Rowley - Wretched Body

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Former Brit nominee and Bristol-born but London-based singer/songwriter Beth Rowley is one of those artists who you can't quite pinpoint, pigeonhole or categorize and rightly so. In a time where there is so much dogged eagerness to produce rushed, commercialised music that, like a cheap shoe, may slip easily onto our feet, but whose soles wear away too easily, every now and then we come across artists who, like Beth Rowley, are beautifully vintage, soulful and have a voice that effortlessly stands alone outside of its current generation. Instead of all that flimsy footwear pop music, Beth Rowley's sound is like a classy pair of shoes that pinch a little bit when you put your feet in them but are worth every penny. She doesn't fit properly, but she doesn't need to, and more importantly, doesn't want to.

After taking some time out following her debut album 'Little Dreamer' to work on new material, Beth Rowley is now back with three EPs in the pipeline to share with us – the first being 'Wretched Body', out on July 8th. Composed of four stunning songs, the opener and title track has a timeless, haunting, orchestral quality about it that initially made me think “Nancy Sinatra, is that you?” 'Can't Stop Tomorrow' continues along a similar vein with a '50s/'60s jazz vibe. 'Steal Away' is tainted with a racy, sexy, blues/western feel, and last but not least, 'Princess' closes the EP with a hugely soulful/gospel track that is super chilled-out. To summarise: flawless. What a voice, what an EP! Welcome back Beth Rowley, we can't wait to hear more from you.

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The Slaughtered Lamb, London (17th July)
Louisiana, Bristol (18th July)

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