Monday 30 January 2012

Out This Week - 30th January 2012

Imperial Teen - Runaway

It's always been difficult to believe that Californian indie-pop band Imperial Teen include a member of bore-rockers Faith No More amongst their ranks, but sixteen years since their debut they're still crafting lovably harmonious boy/girl guitar tunes and new album 'Feel The Sound' seems unlikely to buck the trend. Free taster 'Runaway' is sweet, melodic and exceedingly enjoyable.

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Pepe Deluxe - The Storm

Another band from the class of '96 are also still looking fresh and relevant. Finnish genre-mashers Pepe Deluxe are back with a new album, 'Queen Of The Wave' this week and, true to form, 'The Storm' is a hybrid of styles that sounds like the result of locking John Barry, Henry Mancini, Bently Rhythm Ace and Can in a room with nothing more than a bag of 'shrooms and the instructions to come up with a new Bond theme.

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Hospitality - Betty Wang

More indiepop from Brooklyn! Hospitality release their self-titled debut album this week. It's taken them a while, since songs have been online for nearly three years, but a recent deal with Merge Records has given them the stepping stone needed. Previous single 'Betty Wang' perfectly encapsulates their minimalist, slightly twee guitar tunes, brimming with melody and charm.

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Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place

Never having been one of the most prolific recording artists, the legendary Leonard Cohen releases his twelfth studio album (in 45 years!) today and whether it's for you will depend on any love for his previous work. Here he sticks to what he knows best, captivating songwriting which is, as ever, unlikely to get you firing up the ROFLcopter. Check out the cosy, wintry and downright lovely 'Show Me The Place'.

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Tennis - My Better Self

OK so this doesn't get an official release for a couple of weeks, but The Sound Of Confusion's album of 2011 winners, Tennis, have been kind enough to share a track from forthcoming new album 'Young & Old' with us as an online stream. Plus, the more exposure this wonderful band get, the better. It's pure, beautiful pop with a classic 60s feel and is generally impossible to dislike. More perfect lo-fi pop from the Denver band, the new album will not disappoint, and let's hope they're embraced by the public at large as soon as possible. These people have no idea what they're missing.

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