Tuesday 31 January 2012

De Keefmen - Be That Guy/Jane

Single review by KevW

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Dutchmen De Keefmen (named after that Keef, I wonder?) have come to be garage rock journeymen of sorts, performing and selling their wares wherever the demand arises. So far it has been The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England and Germany where they've plied their trade, including sharing a stage with heroes The Standells. Should this be your introduction to the band, you will have already built up a pretty accurate idea of the kind of noise they make.

'Jane' is rough and ready garage riffing with a throat shredding vocal and is damn catchy, although you expect their rider includes a couple of packets of Strepsils. It's most certainly the sound of a band who mean it, rather than one who are going through the motions. 'Be That Guy' is a similar mix of minimalist, feral 60s rock 'n' roll which throws in some vintage sounding Hammond organ for a dustier, more authentic vibe. I can see De Keefmen being a fiery live experience and there are two very good tunes on this single, but a full album's worth may be just one for the garage purists. 

De Keefmen - Jane

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