Friday 20 January 2012

Allo Darlin' - Capricornia

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Originally the solo project of London-based Australian Elizabeth Morris ('Capricornia' is named after her hometown), Allo Darlin's rise to becoming indie darlings has been a significant one since their 2010 debut album, taking in US and European tours and capturing the hearts of many. This first taster of the forthcoming follow up is only likely to increase their fanbase further. Musically the idea for second album 'Europe' was to be "somewhere between 'A New England' by Kirsty Macoll and 'Cattle And Cane' by The Go Betweens". 'Capricornia' suggests that, in that respect, it could be mission accomplished.

Both tracks on this single display a more grown up sound, but rest assured, none of their sunny sparkle has been discarded along the way. The a-side is pure, driven melody that strums and jangles in a way that flips the bird at any accusations of sickly tweeness, falling more into the 'timeless classic' bracket. B-side 'When You Were Mine' is not to be sniffed at either, being another example of wonderful indiepop songwriting. It's too good to be buried as a b-side, essentially making a purchase of this single the best plan of action, as opposed to just streaming the a-side online. The album could be a cracker.

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