Tuesday 17 January 2012

Moira Stewart - Whatever We Do Is Love

Album review by KevW

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Given that the 2008 debut album by North Shields trio Moira Stewart was called 'Sweetness, Yes!', had a cover displaying toy ducks and contained songs with titles such as 'We Still Live With Our Parents', 'The Mr. Men Groove' and 'Top Ten Drinks', it comes as no surprise whatsoever that long awaited follow-up, 'Whatever We Do Is Love', is unlikely to find favour with those whose idea of a good night out is standing at the back of gigs stroking their imaginary beards. If their daft-as-a-brush name didn't give it away, the now defunct band were never likely to rival Radiohead for in-depth seriousness, but that is by no means to say that the songs they created are throwaway or without merit.

Recorded over a year ago but only now seeing the light of day, 'Whatever We Do Is Love' is a storming collection of electro-indiepop that locates itself in the unlikely (and probably uncool) middle ground between the late period baggy of Northside and the modern day squiggly electro-pop of Passion Pit. There's little fluff here, Moira Stewart have no shortage of simple-yet-uplifting melodies and the acid-pop tunes to sit them on. 'Fiery Biscuits' is so catchy and joyful that only the coldest of hearts could hate it, and slightly lower octane pastures are explored on the likes of 'Tell Me, Have You Seen Terminator 2?', but always with a great pop sensibility. 

Over exposure may lead to nausea in some, but it's difficult to deny the sunny euphoria of 'Addiction To Retro' and 'Everywhere The Aura' have a bright sparkiness that is rarely done with this level of taste and fun in equal measure. Somewhere at the heart of these recordings lies a pop genius in waiting, and you hope that whatever the future plans of these guys, music is somehow involved amongst them. 'Whatever We Do Is Love' is daft, witty, enjoyable and uplifting, a bit like Red Bull for the ears.

Fiery Biscuits Moira Stewart - Fiery Biscuits

Addiction to Retro Moira Stewart - Addiction To Retro

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