Saturday 20 August 2011

Sergeant Buzfuz - Danny's Room/Molly's Bar

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The latest from Sergeant Buzfuz showcases the quintet at the top of their game as they reel off another two effortless tunes. Danny's Room is situated somewhere inbetween Simon And Garfunkel and The Beatles at their most maudlin, it's a gorgeous lament.
Molly's Bar is more upbeat with a chorus which impales itself in your head from first listen. The Anglo-Irish roots of the band are in evidence both musically and lyrically.
'I don't know what the question is, but Guinness is the answer.'
Like Belle And Sebastian with the 'twee' trimmed off, perfect for the summer, and one of their best singles to date.  

Sergeant Buzfuz - Danny's Room by rocketpr

Sergeant Buzfuz - Molly's Bar by rocketpr

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