Tuesday 5 July 2011

Summer Holiday

Hello readers!

Let me tell you The Sound Of Confusion blog has had a very stressful morning!.....sitting on top of our suitcase trying to squash it closed (in the end we had to sacrifice the sombrero and inflatable dolphin *glum face*).

That's right, after slaving through the winter months, this blog is taking a well deserved break for the summer, to enjoy some rest and recuperation in the sunshine. Obviously we hope to return later in the year....but that all depends on what the fortune teller on the pier has to say to us!

In the unlikely event that you're heartbroken by this news, you can take some comfort from the fact that we wont be abandoning you completely. I'll be continuing to write rubbish, about some band you've never heard of, every Thursday over on The Found Of Confusion blog page (link over here > somewhere).

For now though take care Confusionists and enjoy the.....

Any excuse to post the lovely Harriet x

See you soon.

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