Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Found Of Confusion # 7 and # 8!

What it do S.O.C fans!

In proper rock and roll fashion Kev has returned from his lost months in the studio with a whirlwind of activity - blog posts crashing in left, right and centre. Over at the Found Of Confusion things have progressed in a somewhat more sedate fashion; the Belle and Sebastian to his Motley Crue if you like. Those of you that have read my previous instalments will know the drill by now, one new band every Thursday for the full year - simple as that. So if you've not popped over to the other side of the tracks recently (and if not why not hmm?*) here's what you've missed.



THE SHUTES: The psychedelic 60's are still alive and well on the Isle Of Wight if their 'Noah's Ark EP' is anything to go by.

DAUGHTER: Poignant acoustic reflections from the London girl with a real skill for poetic lyricism.

POLYGON PALACE: Australian sounding, non Australian, Australians, who play Cut Copy at their own game and do it very well.

BLUE LIP FEEL: Sheffield's rock star guitar heroes in waiting ...well provided they cut their hair.


TIGER CHOIR: Antipodean dreampop merchants have 'Everyone wrapped up in ecstacy'

PRINCE EA: Emerging MC rhymes his way through a dissection of the human brain and it's functionality - clever doesn't do it justice!

SLEEPY PANDA CLUB: Welsh synthpop collective, who not only write great tunes but were polite enough to stop by and say thank you - lovely pandas.

SPOTLIGHT KID: Shoegaze and 90's alt rock repackaged expertly by Nottingham's best export since...emmm...trees???


So if you think any of that might float your boat, you can read more detail, hear the tunes, get the odd Soundcloud download and peruse the links via The Found Of Confusion Blog which you will find right here.

See you there crew.

*If the answer to that question is 'because you're a **** and your bands are **** then keep it to yourself please!'

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