Saturday 27 August 2011

Billionaire Baller's Club - Live Demos

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In current musical circles the initials BBC are more commonly associated with Bombay Bicycle Club. Louisiana's Billionaire Baller's Club deal in altogether different sonic textures. The duo of Aaron Atchison and John Carley create a freeform fusion of electro, dub and indie. Wah-wah guitars and hip hop beats meet to generate the kind of atmospheric soundscapes you'd expect from The Orb remixing Pink Floyd – or if you prefer, a less boring Jean Michel Jarre.

The analogue and digital combination (guitar, 5 keyboards, laptop, vocals) integrate to form a laid back yet meaty ambience which can become quite hypnotic. This is sublime, chilled out electronica – their live shows much be entrancing.

BBC Live Clip 4 by Billionaire Baller's Club

More clips and downloads can be found on soundcloud

Billionaire Baller's Club website

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

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