Thursday 13 March 2014

Ang Low - Life Goes Down

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'Life Goes Down' is the 4-track debut EP of Brooklyn-based artist Angelo Whitehead who fuses euphoric electronics and sultry R&B under the alias of Ang Low. In fact, there is a definite neo-soul vibe to his recordings. Ang Low blends 1970s soul with aspects of jazz, funk, electronica, African/Caribbean music and hip-hop to create a complex and intricate EP that demands attention. Ang Low's influences are vast as he explains, "I pull my inspiration from all different types of music. I don 't really have a certain genre that I love or always revert to. I like it all ." Due to his strict religious upbringing, music was somewhat of a forbidden fruit; "We weren't allowed to listen to music in the house growing up. My Mom only wanted us to listen to Christian music or gospel. Music was always this thing I had to search and reach for. It was my way out." Instead, Angelo savoured every secret soundbite hidden beneath a blanket under his bed with a radio or boom-box and a pair of headphones.

It's safe to say Ang Low has come a long way since those days of hidden enjoyment. His quest to seek out new music has left its mark on his production. There are many discoveries to be found with the 4-tracks of the EP. Lead and title-track 'Life Goes Down' is a tender, soulful track that exposes Ang Low's silky smooth vocals in between stripped-back, atmospheric, chugging electronica. Follow-up track 'Can't Describe Her' is one we discovered back in September and we put our two-pence in here. The track also comes with a video that shows Ang Low is most certainly free from the limitations of his childhood and more than open to self expression. Then there's 'Win Back Love' whose funk-infused electronica has a bit of a dancehall feel to it. 'Voodoo Woman' is an exceptionally frantic, tribal drum and bass meets hip hop mash-up that stampedes and stomps and surrounds you in all of its triumphant, carnivorous glory. 'Life Goes Down' is a dynamic  and diverse offering that leaves you greedily anticipating more.

Released on March 31st on Luv Luv Luv records, this will fit nicely into your record collection alongside the likes of Dwele and D'Angelo.

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