Wednesday 3 October 2012

Frank Rabeyrolles - #8

Album review by Simon Francis Hambrook

This debut offering from indie-electronic, deep-space funkster Frank Rabeyrolles is pretty sweet indeed. Everything on this album, unlikely as it may appear, is reminiscent of an 80s band brilliantly imagining a futuristic space-vessel journey, absolutely pulsing with their own bounce and armed only with mesmerised synthesisers and dreams. It is exciting, there is a wonderful sense of possibility about it all; as if a new cosmos has been passed and he waves at it placidly with block beats and harmonies. Nothing on this album can bore the listener, he is in space and so are we. How he got there and when he’ll come down again are questions for the heathen to run after, it is somehow as if it's the futuristic now that he enters us into, with tracks like 'Instable Drive' and 'Your Energy', both of which really transform your day into something actually very time-trippy and fantastic.

This is the sound that Depeche Mode would have made if they had all got regular, nice letters from their mothers, had slept better at night and then experimented with robotic voices. But we are, I suppose, hearing something of the quaint sound of The Human League, mixing with Empire of the Sun, and he's named his loveliest track after a 1971 experimental LP from the revered German band Can. 'Listening to Taga Mago' in all honestly is probably the best space-pop tune you’ll ever drink. It is the highlight of the album and he uses the female vocals richly, and almost as beautifully as Damien Rice with the clear voiced Lisa Hannigan or Sufjan Stevens with the edible and young tones of Shara Worden. Sales of the original ‘Taga Mago’ will rise, as the track is just glorious.

We are truly looking forward to what this French, philosophy graduate gives us for our next voyage.

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