Thursday 11 October 2012

Night Works - Modern European

Single review by KevW

Now that they've become one of the most celebrated acts in Britain, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Gabriel Stebbing regrets leaving Metronomy a few years ago. And he may well do, but that hasn't prevented him from producing some cracking music of his own. His next band, Your Twenties, deserved a level of success on a par with their critical praise but sadly never quite managed it (have a listen to 'Caught Wheel' for a quick sample if you missed out on them). His latest project is essentially a solo outing under the name Night Works and his two singles under this moniker have received similarly positive plaudits. Much like both his former bands, the secret to Night Works is that the songs get better with repeat plays.

New track 'Modern European' may sound nice enough at first, yet given time to grow it begins to get under your skin and leave a much more permanent mark. This is electro-pop that's not all that far removed from his previous work, with cowbells, handclaps and stabbing synths as well as a choppy vocal pattern. There may be a debt owed to some of the pop brigade of thirty years ago with the retro electronics, but as the title suggests, 'Modern European' feels entirely up to date and fresh. It shows both imagination and a willingness to experiment, along with an ear for a catchy pop tune; something that's always a winning combination. On this evidence there's every chance of him matching the success his former outfit.

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Catch him live:


26 – “The Eveningtime’ at The Sebright Arms, London w/ Deaf Club (DJ), Nadia Ksaiba (DJ), more TBA

31 – ‘The Eveningtime’ at The Sebright Arms, London w/ Roman (live), San Zhi (DJ), 21:AD (Locked On) (DJ)


6 – ‘The Eveningtime’ at The Sebright Arms, London w/ Big Deal (live), Rory Phillips (DJ), more TB

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