Wednesday 31 October 2012

Family Machine - Skeletons & That

Single review by KevW

No doubt there will be hundreds of shameless cash-ins for Halloween. TV specials, bands recording spooky tracks and covering ghostly songs from the past, but you can be pretty sure that 'Skeletons & That' isn't one of them. Yes The Family Machine have chosen this time of year to release it, no doubt on purpose, but it definitely doesn't sound like the Oxford bunch wrote and recorded this song with any particular festivals in mind. This isn't a spooky sounding song, it doesn't feature ghostly effects and stereotypical lyrics. It's more a contemplative track that happens to have the word skeletons in its title.

Lyrically it touches upon being scared of ghosts as a child but the main theme to this song appears to be one of lost love rather than witches and devils. And quite a touching little number it is too, tinged with sadness and a feeling of loss, yet it's incredibly pretty and moving, the gentle backing of faintly humming strings and a plucked guitar let the vocals take charge which makes for a song that feels incredibly personal. So if you were already sick of hearing about our unusual annual celebration of all things evil then there's no need to skip this one, it's worth listening to at any time of year.

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