Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Artist To Check Out: The Cry Baby

Article by KevW

This captivating new quartet from London are led by singer and songwriter Anna Waldmann who doesn't bow down to convention in her themes, that's for sure. Since she was a child, Anna had the responsibility of caring for her mother and grandmother, an experience she draws upon lyrically, especially on 'Anaesthetic' which is stark but beautiful in the way it details with its subject matter about pain and morphine. The Cry Baby have a very distinctive sound that feels like a lesson in restraint. The sounds are subtle and anything else wouldn't offset the voice so brilliantly. And that voice is the most unique aspect to what they do; child-like but ghostly, it draws you in as though you're being absorbed into some kind of fairy tale. The experience is certainly like falling into another world.

Musically The Cry Baby don't fit any particular category; there's a hint of folk, echoes of trip-hop, the escapism of dreampop and occasionally a stripped-back baroque sound. It's all carefully considered without being so perfect that it becomes sterile. As such, this combination of subtlety, experimentalism and almost lullaby-like sounds is quite beguiling. At the moment the tracks online are still demos, although they sound better than that. The plan is to begin working with producers and look at a debut single in the new year. If they continue making music as spellbinding and ethereal as this we have a hunch that this won't be the the last time you hear from this excitingly promising new band.

The Cry Baby's website

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