Thursday 26 July 2012

The June Brides - Moon/Cloud

Single review by KevW

Nearly 30 years have passed since cult London band The June Brides first graced the turntables of bedsit-dwelling indie lovers everywhere. Frontman Phil Wilson has been sporadically active in that time, releasing solo records and making the odd guest appearance, but despite a one-off show a few years ago, they've remained inactive since 1986, the year of the legendary tape that showcased many similarly-minded bands. With the increased popularity of indiepop over the past few years this comeback single is perfectly timed, and, as you realise from just the first few bars of 'A January Moon', perfectly executed too.

Their guitars still jangle with the freshness of the DIY scene that spawned them and their prowess with a sweet melody hasn't deserted them, but with so many others recreating the genre they helped define, there could be a danger that they get lost in the flood. That is until those sweeping strings kick in and instantly blow many imitators out of the water. It's effortless, cinematic indiepop at its best. On the flip, 'Cloud' is slightly more routine but still pretty adorable and better than your standard B-side fare. Comeback singles need to be something special to reignite interest, and 'A January Moon' sure as hell is special.

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