Wednesday 25 July 2012

Let's Away - The Brittle Bones Of Let's Away EP

EP review by KevW

When we last mentioned Sunderland duo Let's Away back in April, the pair were gearing up for their first performance as a full band after recruiting some top local musicians to back them. With their live cherry well and truly popped they set about recording their second EP, 'The Brittle Bones Of Let's Away'. As with their debut, the EP was recorded with Hyde & Beast man Neil Bassett at the helm and will be made available for free both digitally and on CD. Much like their first release, these four tracks deal in spacious, reverberating sounds and rely on a steady force to generate power, rather like the unstoppable but slow-moving strength of the rising tide than the full-on surge of a tsunami, but the effect is similarly impressive.

The sparse guitars are treated with echo and twang and the vocals are distant but clear, in fact they could stake a claim to be the male-fronted version of Mazzy Star, such is the mood they generate on all four songs, each of which is essentially the same make and model. Tindersticks would be another comparison, but where that band can be blunt and morbid in their sound, Let's Away are more blurred and booming; a little bit like a Phil Spector 45 played at 33rpm. 'Brittle Bones' with its weeping guitar is perhaps most affecting but there's little to choose between the four songs. The brittle part of the EP's title might be correct, but the sound is more than just bare bones, and this soft wall of sound is really quite majestic.

The EP will be available from Let's Away's website

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