Sunday 10 April 2016

Tacocat - Lost Time

Article by KevW

You don't have to search for long to find a band making fuzzy, punky garage tunes at the moment, nor will the references used to describe Tacocat's new album, 'Lost Time', be particularly unusual. For starters, the quartet are from Seattle, which even 25 years on can bring up certain notions, and sure enough, there are grungy elements to be found here, as well as nods to other scuzz-rock groups of that era (Veruca Salt, The Breeders...). On paper, therefore, Tacocat are nothing spectacular, but the tunes prove otherwise.

In terms of music they have an extra punch, and it's not one that's arrived at by simply going heavier with their sound. A prime example of this is 'The Internet' where they crank up a simple, buzzing riff that has a familiarity but sounds fresh at the same time (a hat-tip to producer Erik Blood for the extra invigoration), and then lifts itself further with a crisp burst of additional guitar in the chorus. Purely and simply, Tacocat have a better sound that most others in their field. The lyrics are another factor that sets them apart. There's nothing here that's dumbed-down or vacuous, with more thought being given to subject matter and viewpoint. Take single 'I Hate The Weekend', where the mess that occurs in so many towns and cities isn't celebrated in the usual way: "a two day fun permit, let loose like your life depends on it/at the end of every week, you're screaming in our streets". Party-poopers? Not really, because the album is bags of fun, and to be honest, I can't help but agree.

We're told that the title, 'Lost Time', is a reference to 'The X-Files', so opening it with the catchy 'Dana Katherine Scully' seems fitting, and from there we get half an hour's worth of sugar-coated bullets where the three-minute barrier is only broken twice. This may not be the most diverse record you'll hear all year, but it certainly doesn't outstay its welcome, and time after time these songs hit the mark. The bubblegum melodies of 'I Love Seattle' and gorgeous hooks found on 'Men Explain Things To Me' are particular favourites. Really though, 'Lost Time' is a riot from beginning to end and, in the best possible way, is like having a bucket of icy water thrown in your face. Top stuff.

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2. May UK, Nottingham / JT Soar
3. May UK, Edinburgh / Electric Circus
4. May UK, Glasgow / Broadcast
5. May UK, Cardiff / The Moon Club
6. May UK, Brighton / Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
7. May UK, London / The Lexington

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