Friday 1 April 2016

Cosmos In Collision - Adrift EP

Article by Del Chaney

Cosmos In Collision is the brainchild of Italy-based multi-instrumentalist Riccardo Spaggiari. His sound is predominantly centred around ambient electronica and cinematic post-rock, but it does, at different points along its musical, axis include subtle but impressive hints of ethereally atmospheric, layered electronic nugaze. His latest instrumental six-track offering entitled 'Adrift' gets its official release via the California-based net label Enpeg on the 22nd of April 2016 and is available to pre-order right now from Bandcamp.

The EP begins with the shimmering synth swells of 'Adrift'. Its opening bars are steeped in atmosphere as those hypnotically brilliant guitar structures hug the sequenced percussive hits and meld into one complete swirling sound wave. This track builds and builds into a stunning golden-hued finale of soaring sonic swells, addictive synth patterns and explosive chord structures. Up next, 'Equinox' loops and arcs through expressively intense bursts of soaring synth lines and flowing guitars, whilst track three, 'Drops', begins in a flurry of electronic bleeps and whirs before opening up into a massive maelstrom of golden sound. The rather '80s sounding 'Almost' swims in a reverberating sea of beautifully vivid sound waves until that shuffling sequenced percussion track takes over and adds a brilliant metronomic feel to proceedings. There is a subtle melodic charm hidden deep within the magnificent synth swells too, that keep you interested as the track pulses through its musical gears.

Rich layers of sound announce the arrival of this EP's penultimate track, the aptly-named 'Hidden Sun'. There is a sense of trepidation as the track builds into that impressive break before unleashing a beautiful torrent of sound that meanders to its finale. A thoroughly enjoyable track from beginning to end. 'Falling Skies' deftly closes proceedings with its repetitive synth lines and driving percussion tracks. Recommended listening!

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