Monday 7 February 2011

Sad Day For Puppets - Sorrow, Sorrow

Sweden's finest Sad Day For Puppets release their new single 'Sorrow, Sorrow' today on 7" and download from Sonic Cathedral records. It comes backed with a new version of 'Big Waves'. Hear both tracks below.

Stream: Big Waves

Catch them on tour in the UK this month. Sad Day For Puppets will be playing

7th Feb: Moho Live - Manchester
8th Feb: The Social - London
9th Feb: Proud Camden - London
10th Feb: The Callars at Eastney - Southsea
11th Feb - Birmingham Flapper - Birmingham
12th Feb: Jam - Brighton

If you haven't heard latest album 'Pale Silver &Shiny Gold' yet, get on the case!

Album review by KevW.

"The second album from Sweden's Finest is a more concise offering than Unknown Colours, but retains all the ingredients that made their d├ębut one of the highlights of 2009:
Dual guitars combining to create the kind of squalling harmonics that Dinosaur Jr. themselves would be proud of ('Such A Waste', 'Shadows'); catchy as hell guitar-pop tunes ('Touch', 'Fuzzy Feather'); Anna Eklund's chiming, almost child-like voice, perfectly suiting melodies that are, at times, nursery-rhyme pretty ('Sorrow, Sorrow', 'Tingle In My Hand'); and slower, more tender moments such as 'First Time' and the achingly sad 'Beads'.
2010 has seen numerous echoes back to early 90s American alt. rock bands, but where Wavves, Best Coast, No Age and the like are in thrall to Pavement, Sonic Youth and the Sub Pop back catalogue, SDFP know that 4AD was the label pumping out the best records of that era - Pixies, Breeders, Throwing Muses and (most underrated of all) Belly were all more interesting than the college rock scene. And it's probably Belly who are the closest cousins to what we have here - but re-imagined with J. Mascis on guitar duties and lyrics that make sense!
On the outside Pale Silver And Shiny Gold gives the impression of being an eerie, dark record - from the cover (above) to the song titles ('Sorrow, Sorrow', 'Shadows', 'Such A Waste', 'Monster & The Beast'), and there are points where this is true, especially on the harrowing 'Anne Says Pt. II'. It's a more diverse affair than that though, often full of hope, light and optimism. Several songs mention 'sorrow' but the first of those mentions comes in the album's opening line and just about says it all: "Sorrow, sorrow/Come back tomorrow/I've got no tears for you today". The Best Band In Sweden are more unique than the frequent comparisons would have you believe, and once again they've made a terrific album - one of the finest of the year. Nothing at all to be sorry about here."
Download 'Monster & The Beast' for free here.

Sad Day For Puppets on Myspace

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