Sunday 1 May 2011

Tracks Out This Week

5 fine new tunes released this week.

My Morning Jacket - Holding On To Black Metal

Back with their 6th album at the end of the month, it looks like a slight change of direction for the Kentucky collective. Circuital is due on the 31st and is predeeded by a new single - 'Holding On To Black Metal' - out this week. The slightly psychedelic alt. country sound of old has been replaced by a more soulful vibe and it's the best thing they've done for some time. The single is available to download on iTunes. For another taster of the new album, head to their website for a freebee.


My Morning Jacket's website

Pre-order the album.

Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy

While the UK charts are clogged up with the excrement of reality TV shows and 'shocking' US pop stars such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga (OMG!!! She's SO controversial!! lol), it's been increasingly to down under that we've looked for decent pop music. Whether it be New Zealand's The Naked & Famous, or Aussis like Gypsy & The Cat, Empire Of The Sun and The Holidays. Strange Talk hail from Melbourne and make great, sunny synth-pop tunes. Their debut EP is out this week in the UK, expect more press soon.

Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy by troysnoise

Strange Talk on Myspace

Buy the EP.

Cass McCombs - The Lonely Doll

Californian singer/songwriter Cass McCombs has been on the recieving end of many gushing reviews over the years (John Peel was a big fan) and the trend has continued with his new LP Wit's End, which hit the UK and Europe at the beginning of April and is out in the US this week. New single 'The Lonely Doll' is full of the kind of tender emotion and strumming that can be so tedious. McCombs, as usual, has nailed it. Hit the download arrow on the stream below and grab it for free.

Cass McCombs - The Lonely Doll by DominoRecordCo

Cass McCombs' website

Buy the album.

The Heartbreaks - Jealous, Don't You Know

Originally a limited 7" single for Record Stores Day, The Heartbreaks latest is now available for download. The Morcambe lads specialise in grand, cinematic British guitar tunes and have a great line in massive choruses. Overblown in a good way, their album looks set to be full of mini symphonies and they could turn out to be the surprise stars of 2011 - if the public starts buying anything involving guitars again (Biffy, Foos and Kings Of Leon don't count).

The Heartbreaks on Myspace

Buy the single.


Nico's Bike - Sharkbait

Rules can be broken for OROTW - so I've picked this summery, Glaswegian indie-pop track which was out at the start of April (it's a limited download so get in quick). Info on Nico's Bike is hard to come by and they don't seem to have a website, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of mystique. In fact it's a refreshing change! The tune does the talking. It's contagious, timeless (that time being a mixture of C86 jangle, early 90s alt. rock and 60s pop) and like all great pop tunes it has a wonderful, uplifting chorus. This enigmatic bunch could be worth keeping an eye on. (A quick note - the stream is quite quiet so crank up the volume)


The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

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  1. I'd have gone for the Heartbreaks as OROTW.


  2. I very nearly did! Nico's Bike just pipped it in the end.