Thursday 5 May 2011

Five For Free #8

This week's top 5 best free tunes.

1) The People's Temple - Sons Of Stone

Michigan natives The People's Temple specialise in fashioning 60s pychedelia and garage Nuggets of the variety that an on form Tame Impala do so well. Taken from their wikipedia page: "The People's Temple have cited Arthur Lee, Spacemen 3, 13th Floor Elevators, Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Joy Division and Link Wray as main influences."
That list alone should be reason enough to lend them your ears. The fact that they use those influences to generate such an awesome sound is a second reason.  Their debut album is out now on Hozac Records. The mesmerizing title track is yours for free.

Sons of Stone by HOZAC RECORDS

Free download: Sons Of Stone

The People's Temple on Myspace

Buy the album.

2) Regina - Jos et sä soita

Specializing in sun-kissed, bouncy indie-pop, Finnish trio Regina deserve to be the soundtrack to everyone's summer. In English the title means 'If You Don't Call Me', given my non-existent knowledge of the Finnish language I'd require a translator to decipher the rest of the lyrics. With a song this lovely is doesn't matter what the words are. Just lie back and enjoy. Regina's new album is due out later in the year.

Regina - Jos et sä soita by Universalfi

Free download: Jos et sä soita

Regina on Myspace

3) Beth Jeans Houghton - Dodecahedron

It's been 3 years since the first EP from Newcastle lass Beth Jeans Houghton. In that time she's been steadily building up a fanbase and media interest. There seems to be a calculated move not to rush headlong into a whirlwind of promotion, and taking her time over matters looks like it's about to pay off. Having been awarded record of the week on Radio 2 (!) 18 months ago, the singer songwriter is now signed to Mute who will be putting out her debut full-lenght later this year. 'Dodecahedron' is an early sample of the album, and it's quite sublime.

Beth Jeans Houghton - Dodecahedron by Mute UK

Beth Jeans Houghton on Myspace

4) Eleanor Friedberger - My Mistakes

Having spent a decade as The Fiery Furnaces alongside her brother Matthew (who is planning to release 8 solo albums in 2011!), Eleanor Friedberger is taking the opportuninty for a solo outing herself. 'My Mistakes' is a tale of regret counterbalanced by a meaty-yet-poppy backing, giving the impression of a slightly lighter Heartless Bastards. Going it alone has served her well here, let's hope for more of the same on her album Last Summer when it arrives with us in July.

Eleanor Friedberger - "My Mistakes" by One Thirty BPM

The Fiery Furnaces on Myspace

Pre-order the album.

5) Gold-Bears - Record Store

Georgia's Gold Bears have been described as 'twee punk' and 'crash pop'. Both descriptions are bang on. They have uplifting, melodic guitar pop tunes, and they dive into them head first, fizzing with energy and excitement. You might have become sick of songs about record stores over the past month or two, but this hectic slice of fuzzy fun is worthy of attention. Debut album Are You Falling In Love? is released internationally on May 17th.

  Gold-Bears - Record Store by Pretty Much Amazing

Gold Bears on Myspace

Pre-order the album.

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

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