Monday 16 April 2012

Out This Week - 16th April 2012

Moonface (with Siinai) - Teary Eyes & Bloody Lips

Canadian Spencer Krug has played in numerous bands including Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade, but this week he releases his second album as Moonface. 'Heartbreaking Bravery' includes Finnish band Siinai backing him and adding a krautrock edge to his cosmic indie-rock. The result is at times bloody awesome, as on free track 'Teary Eyes & Bloody Lips'.

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Human Don't Be Angry - H.D.B.A Theme

Former Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton brings out his first album under his new Human Don't Be Angry guise, a project hatched after deciding he wanted to do something a bit different following his last solo album. The bulk of the album is instrumental and on 'H.D.B.A Theme' he adds robotic samples to an atmospheric, almost post-rock backing that successfully sounds unlike most of his extensive back catalogue.

Stream or download 'H.D.B.A Theme' for free by heading here

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Gemma Ray - Runaway

'Island Fire' is the fourth album by Essex singer-songwriter Gemma Ray and gives her a good chance of achieving a little more widespread acclaim that she's earned in the past. The excellent 'Runaway' is a grand piece of credible pop (but much less dull than that phrase sounds) which takes a great tune and adorns it with strings and Spectorish production. Superb stuff.

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Maps & Atlases - Fever

Chicago band Maps & Atlases got many a music hack excited with their highly accomplished debut album two years ago and this week they follow it up with sophomore effort 'Beware & Be Grateful' which is packed with more intelligent, tuneful and experimental alt-rock that takes in influences from all over the place. 'Fever' is a superb track that's a bit like TV On The Radio going pop.

Download 'Fever' for free by heading here

Maps & Atlases' website

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TV Girl - I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now

More top of the range, big beats and samples based fun from San Diego duo TV Girl who we've been raving about for some time now. As is par for the course with these guys, their unique indiepop is free to download, so pick up single 'I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now' below and bask in its vintage pop glow, then start getting excited about their debut album which will be out very shortly and will also be given to us on the house.

Free download: 'I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now'

TV Girl's website

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