Wednesday 25 April 2012

Five For Free #73

Terrible Feelings - Intruders

Sweden is as good a place to start as any, so our first port of call is Malmo and powerpop trio Terrible Feelings whose punky and melodic leanings remind us a little bit of The Undertones which is no bad thing. Their debut album 'Shadows' was released this month on Deranged Records and for a sample of what to expect from it, get stuck into catchy free download 'Intruders'.

Terrible Feelings' website

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Let's Away - Concording

The duo that make up Sunderland's Let's Away will be playing their first live show with a full backing band on June 1st at Newcastle's Evolution Emerging Festival, and they're celebrating by giving us a free track, 'Concording', which is has an wonderful spacious feel and enticing warm production. It packs in an atmospheric and emotive punch too, well worth checking out.

Let's Away's website

The Phenominal Handclap Band - Radio Girls

New York based hipster clan The Phenomenal Handclap Band released their second album 'Form & Control' earlier this year and are offering up the addictive and radio-friendly disco/punk/soul groove of 'Radio Girls' for free. It may be tailored for genre-straddling crossover appeal but it achieves its goal with some aplomb. Gorgeously fun.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band's website

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Diamond Rugs - Country Mile

The name Diamond Rugs might not seem familiar at first (unless you're getting them mixed up with Diamond Rings) but their line-up includes members of Deer Tick, Six Finger Satellite, Los Lobos, Dead Confederate and Black Lips. Quite an impressive cast, it must be said. Their self-titled album is out this week and you can grab free track 'Country Mile' below.

Diamond Rugs' website

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Spiritualized - Huh? (outro)

The good news of the past few weeks is that Spiritualized album 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' has picked up some amazing reviews (like ours) and gone top 20 in the UK, topping the Record Store album chart while it was at it. You should have heard it by now, but unless you live in Japan you may have missed out on bonus track 'Huh? (outro)'. We would of course advise buying the Japanese import pronto, but if you don't fancy that then you can get it free here.

Spiritualized's website

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