Thursday 5 April 2012

Kick To Kill - Avalanche

Single review by KevW

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With a debut album lined up for release later this year, Glaswegian quartet Kick To Kill offer up another ambitious lump of post-punk in the form of new single 'Avalanche'. Again they have their sights set on making a big noise, with this track squaring up to you like Joy Division on steroids. There's a minimalist new-wave song at the core here, but it's as if it's been remastered in HD to create a widescreen sound that's as much The Cult as it is Curtis.

That's not to say that this is some technicolour, all slaying, stadium monster by the way; 'Avalanche' shows off a rather more monochrome glory, one that stays true to its roots without feeling the need to deliberately underproduce in the hope of achieving some kind of faux-authenticity. The bands who inspired Kick To Kill (think The Stooges, JAMC, Bunnymen etc.) had lofty aspirations and the will to reach them without conforming to what was expected. It's that very same spirit that seems to be driving these guys, using their magpie tendencies and own innovation to get to their destination. Really their motto should be 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something black'.

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'Avalanche' will be available from Flowers In The Dustbin

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