Wednesday 21 December 2011

Bands To Watch In 2012

*Unpacks crystal ball* Can we see into the future? No we can’t; I can barely tell what I’m going to have for lunch, so I'm screwed when it comes to soothsaying! None the less, after declining to play the game last year, we at The Sound Of Confusion are ready to get back on the donkey and lay ourselves wide open to ridicule, by making a pigs ear of choosing who will be the musicians filling up your iPods in the coming year. After much pencil chewing and furrowed brows our combined brain power came up with an imaginative catchphrase for this feature, are you ready? - the twelve for twelve - oh yes, that's what we're about!!

What you're getting for your time here is six bands or artists chosen by the critical eye of Kev, and six further artists chosen by the sleepy eye of my good self (actually I'm going first so swap that around!). Most, if not all, of those featured will already have been mentioned in either of our blogs at one stage or another, so look on this less as a exercise in revelation and more as a nice stripy packet of refreshers...err only with songs and that.

We're realistic, there's a good chance this lot wont be partying on T4 or singing Sunday on the X-factor, but with a fair wind some of them might reach the dizzy heights of standing in a BBC studio listening to Jools Holland do another 'wacky improv session', or even get to sit on a tree trunk at Glasto and look bamboozled as they try to work out what in god's name Mark Radcliffe is muttering about. Regardless, we love them and think they deserve acclaim, hopefully you will too.

Intro over, we'll try and keep the words to a minimum now and let the tracks do the talking.


Andy's choices:

1) Daughter

Her Facebook popularity increased eightfold over the second half of this year, and anyone who has heard her pair of spellbinding EPs will understand why. Read more here.

Daughter - 'Home' (Taken from 'The Wild Youth' EP) by ohDaughter

Free download: Love

Daughter's website

2) Internet Forever

Social networking never sounded so good, as the blogosphere goes big beat. Read more here.

Centre Of Your Universe by Internet Forever

A free download of 'Break Bones' is available from Internet Forever's website

3) Discopolis 

Hands in the air, this is the sound of your weekends to come. Read more here.

Discopolis - Weekend Burnings by discopolismusic

Discopolis' website

4) The Bilinda Butchers

In the studio right now working on a follow up to the fantastic, 'regret, love, guilt, dreams' EP. They'll have to go some to better that, but they look capable. Read more here.

The Bilinda Butchers' website

5) Dimbleby & Capper

Alice in Wonderland turns her hand to alternative pop with pleasing results. Read more here.

Educated by Dimbleby & Ca

Dimbleby & Capper's website

6) Beaty Heart

Take a trip into their fantasy world, you may not get out alive, but oh the sights you'll see when you're there! Read more here.

3.We're All Friends Here by BEATY HEART

Beaty Heart's website

We've reached the interval; go and stand in line for the toilets, buy a vastly overpriced ice cream or hunt for that wine gum you dropped under the seat, and by the time you're done Kev will be on stage to take you through his six to watch.

Greetings! A decent list there from The Sound Of Confusion's Scottish correspondent, but I think you'll agree that the best six new bands to keep your eye on in the coming year are those listed below. On we go...

Kev's choices:

7) Being There

Precision engineered fuzzy indiepop, packed with melody and wonder. These could be 2012's underground heroes. Read more here.

''Tomorrow'' by Being There by Nadia Young & Lost Club

Being There's website

8) Grass House

The world inhabited by this Yorkshire band band is dark, moody, intense and full of staggeringly good songs. Read more here.

The Breeze by Grass House

Free download: Faun

Grass House's website

9) TV Girl

Genre defying soul/pop/indie/whatever with insanely catchy melodies and beats that are best described as 'big'. Read more here.

Benny and the Jetts - TV Girl by CamelbackMusic

TV Girl's website

10) Sheepy

Wonderfully talented and prolific singer-songwriter from Liverpool, part Buzzcocks, part Teenage Fanclub, all brilliant! Read more here.

Another Day by Sheepy!

Sheepy's website

11) Mummy Short Arms

Psychotic blues/indie/rock collective from Glasgow who create amazing twisted anthems in their own madcap way. Read more here.

MUMMY SHORT ARMS - Cigarette Smuggling by Flowers In The Dustbin

Mummy Short Arms' website

12) Exitmusic

New York husband and wife who make lush, breathtakingly beautiful music to send shivers down the spine. Read more here.

Exit Music - The Modern Age by edin2sun

Free download: The Sea

Exitmusic's website

That concludes our list of up and coming heroes of the future, we hope you like some of them as much as we do! We'll be taking a few days break to indulge in the Yuletide festivities and prepare ourselves for January's onslaught of fine musical treats. Thanks to everyone who's followed our ramblings over the past year, season's greetings and a happy new year to the lot of you! xx

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