Monday 17 October 2011

Out This Week - 17th October 2011

M83 - New Map

The sixth studio album by French electro/dreampoppers M83 has received some fantastic reviews so far, with many claiming it to be their best work yet. 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' has a more 80s feel than their previous material but is still built from layers of shoegazey synth, distortion and samples. It's a double album and highlights include 'Midnight City', 'Reunion', 'Intro (feat. Zola Jesus)' and the luscious rush of 'New Map' which is free below.

M83 - New Map by Drugs and Mirrors

M83's website

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Grass House - The Breeze

Yorkshire's Grass House have set out to make music that avoids current trends and scenes. Not only do they achieve this, they do so with some flair. 'The Breeze' is an incredibly powerful track, carried by the brooding vocal and choir with a backing of simple guitar and drums which lets the song breathe. In this case less is most definitely more. Awesome.

The Breeze by Grass House

Grass House on bandcamp

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Spectrals - Big Baby

Twenty-one year old Louis Jones' first album as Spectrals is written about the heartache of a failed relationship and is done with some maturity (much like the d├ębut by another group of fellow Yorkshiremen - Arctic Monkeys - a comparison that's been made several times). 'Bad Penny' is a highly accomplished album with some great indie-rock tracks such as 'Big Baby 'which you can get for free below. In the end he won the girl back. Bless.

Spectrals - Big Baby by Slumberland Records

Spectrals' website

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Forest Fire - Mtns Are Mtns

Brooklyn keeps on spitting out quality bands, they must put something in the water there. Forest Fire have a more alternative take on alt-country and some killer tunes to boot. New album 'Staring At The X' is out this week and includes free download 'Mtns Are Mtns' which adds a heavenly choir and slide guitar to bolster the acoustic backing and ends up being really quite beautiful.

Free download: Mtns Are Mtns

Forest Fire on Myspace

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Acid House Kings - Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now

'Music Sounds Better With You' was the first album in six years from Swedish indiepop legends Acid House Kings. One of the best cuts from it is the stunning sweep of 'Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now' which is out today on 7" (500 copies only so get in quick!). Two versions of the song are available; Acid House Kings original and a different recording featuring Dan Treacy from Television Personalities on vocals which is free below. Both versions are nothing short of stunning and we wish Dan Treacy a speedy recovery. One of the best tracks of the year.

Acid House Kings- Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now by Estoesunmartirio

Free download: Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now (feat. Dan Treacy)

Acid House Kings' website

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