Friday 1 August 2014

Chartburst Podcast August 2014

Another month and another excellent batch of new and unsigned music discovered on new music platform Chartburst. If you missed our July podcast then you can check that out here and find out a bit more info on what the site is and how it works. For now though, press play and listen to an hour's worth of great tunes (as chosen by us), with some bits of talking in between. More info on the bands can be found by clicking on their profiles below. Feel free to share and embed! Enjoy!

Chartburst's website

Soft Plastic's profile
Documenta's profile
The Inkhearts' profile
Georgian Waters' profile
Lightouts' profile
Latimer House's profile
Black Tar Heroines' profile
AKW's profile
Stagnant Nebula's profile
Johnny Quadrio's profile
Rory D Wynne's profile
cålɱ↓ (calmdown)'s profile

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