Sunday 2 September 2012

Grass House - The Boredom Rose

Single review by KevW

On the strength of a couple of astonishingly good singles released last year, we decided to include Yorkshire quartet Grass House in our 'Bands To Watch' list back at the end of December. A few of those choices have released some terrific records, some have changed their names and some are currently AWOL. The latter of those was the case with these moody experimental rockers. Until now that is, and the announcement of brand new single 'The Boredom Rose' which is due out on September 10th. So here's another chance to prove whether or not we posses magical ears that can predict future talent at the merest strum of a guitar or bash of a drum, or that we're a handful of chancers running an average hit and miss music site and we're totally winging it.

Come on then Grass House, prove us to have some merit! All is not lost it seems, because while 'The Boredom Rose' isn't quite as powerful as tracks like 'Faun' or 'The Breeze', it still carries the dark air of a western movie about its atmosphere and generally ticks all the right boxes. The production is near perfect and the bluesy shuffle sounds authentic rather than borrowed. Everything is in its right place, the only gripe is that we've heard better from them and were hoping for progression, especially given the length of time between releases. It's difficult to criticise this song though, it would be a bit like having a pop at Neil Young because his last album wasn't as good as 'After The Gold Rush'. This is a decent track and better than most out there. It also bears their distinctive hallmarks which bodes well for the future, but even so, we're pretty sure they're capable of even better.

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