Wednesday 9 May 2012

Artist To Check Out: Jethro Fox

Article by KevW

Whether he's named after the 18th century inventor of the seed drill, the scraggly bearded prog rock nutjobs, the Cornish comedian, or is the brother of Delmondo we don't know. We're willing to take a leap of faith and assume that the superbly monikered Jethro Fox is using his birth name though, and he's on his way to creating some music that's as memorable as his title too. Having spent a few years as guitarist for bands on the Liverpool circuit, Jethro decided last year to step out on his own, and as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter of considerable merit this is proving to be a wise decision.

Debut recording 'Before' showed a knack for a poppy melody and an ear for booming experimental indie-rock, complete with tribal beats and handclaps. It's clear that his influences stretch beyond the Britrock format to take in sounds from much further afield. Think Animal Collective covering something from Graceland and you're halfway there. Every instrument on new track 'Echo' was played by Fox himself and again seeks to reach outside the traditional guitar format and adds a delicious groove to an arresting chorus. It's a formula that works a treat and if Jethro Fox can continue to play around with sounds and styles then maybe indie loving couples out there will be naming their kids after him in a few years time.

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