Monday, 27 February 2012

Out This Week - 27th February 2012

Fort Lean - Sunsick

Brooklynites Fort Lean have a new 7" single out this week, the infectious powerpop of 'Sunsick'. It sees their indie-rock sound taking a leap forward, sounding more anthemic and complete than the few previous tracks we've heard. Hopefully the thriving, competitive scene of their hometown will spur them on to record a cracking debut album, although we've heard no news of an LP on the horizon just yet.

Free download: 'Sunsick'

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Hooray For Earth - Last Minute

Their near neighbours, Bostonians Hooray For Earth give the UK their third album, 'True Loves' this week (it's was released in the US last year) and despite their longer career, it seems they'd rather not settle on a single sound, the album hops about in various directions. One of our favourites being the melodic, sunny indie-dreampop of 'Last Minute'.

Hooray For Earth - Last Minute

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Hunx - Always Forever

Over on the west coast of America, Seth Bogart (AKA Hunx) is leaving His Punx behind for a solo outing in the shape of new album 'Hairdresser Blues', which pretty much carries on where his previous work left of. 'Always Forever' is that familiar mash of influences, 60s girl-groups, garage rock, punk and in this case a touch of glam, recorded with minimum production and treble turned up to 11.

Free download: 'Always Forever'

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Soko - I Thought I Was An Alien

French singer and actress Soko has hovered around the music and film scenes for a few years now, but only this week releases her debut album, 'I Thought I Was An Alien', which was recorded last summer. Chuck in words like 'offbeat', 'quirky' 'folky' and 'indiepop' and you could be talking about Cate Le Bon. Soko could loosley fall under the same bracket, but this sound is all her own.

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Spiritualized - Hey Jane

It's been a long time coming but Jason Pierce has announced that the new Spiritualized album 'Sweet Heart, Sweet Light' will be out on April 16th. Was he throwing us a massive curveball by saying it would be a pop album? An initial glance at 9 minute long first single 'Hey Jane', which starts of as a fairy familiar Spiritualized-do-garage tune would suggest otherwise. But, blimey, this is a grower. Flipping itself on it's head halfway through, it builds and builds, powered by the repetitive bass and motorik beat, into a crescendo of horns, choir and melody, and then you realise he wasn't lying. J. Spaceman does pop in a suitably hymnal fashion. 'Hey Jane' is Spiritualized in a nutshell, combining all the phases of their career, at first purely very good, but ultimately as addictive as the demons that appear in their songs. Single of the year so far.

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