Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sabba Rabba - Sabba Rabba

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We were given plenty of glimpses of brilliance from Israel's surprisingly vibrant music scene last year, and it's good news for this year too as there doesn't seem to be an end to steady stream of submissions we receive from the country. "We are Sabba Rabba, from Israel. We got demons. We play to uplift people. We want you at our concert." I guess that statement sums up their ideas and ideals, so as long as they can back it up with the tunes to match their self-belief and determination then they're on to a winner. Being a new project, 'Sabba Rabba' is kind of an introductory offering and includes a couple of tracks also recorded by the band Warm Soda.

The variety shown by Sabba Rabba is what's likely to mark them out though. If we take 'Mm Hm Hm' then we find an ear-busting, DIY punk clatter that barely manages to hold itself together. Suddenly them wanting us at their concert seems like a great idea; it could be a riotous explosion. This battering approach is softened a little by 'You Play It Cool', a song which still sounds as though it was recorded with a minimum amount of fuss, but one that shows of a more groove-based rhythm and softer vocals that almost take it into dreamy lo-fi territory. It's 'Something Cruel' that's best of all though. You can find the song soundtracking the video below, and it's this track that takes the band away from the home-made, here-today-gone-tomorrow sounds that many other bands also use. Instead it offers something more substantial and melodic. The chiming guitars and distant vocals add an otherworldly quality that leads us to thinking that this could be the best route forward for Sabba Rabba. Whatever your tastes though, chances are this group will have something for you.

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The 'Shabba Rabba' EP is out on January 7th from TAR

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