Saturday, 4 January 2014

RED CENT - Hard To Say

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Chicago's RED CENT have chosen the increasingly popular crowd-funding campaign Kickstarter to fund production of their new album 'Strange Machine', and before the closing date at the end of December the goal had been reached and those who pledged will have begun to see some of the goodies their hard-earned cash has helped to pay for. Four songs from the album are now mastered and available to stream via Bandcamp and they show a band who combine their indie-rock style with a loose groove and plenty of vocal samples. There are some contagious sounds to be found, and it's all shaping up well for the full-length, proving that those who chipped in won't regret it one bit.

The group have recently unveiled their first video, a trippy film that was part shot in a garage, in an office, a playground and down some back streets, with the main characters covering their heads in paper bags. It's a little unusual, but makes a nice change from dull performance videos. As for the song, well 'Hard To Say' is fairly indicative of what the entire album will sound like judging by the few songs we've already heard. Those increasingly familiar touchstones of '90s alt-rock crop up once again, as does the recent wave of alt-rock that's been washing over the Atlantic to British shores in giant waves. It's unlikely that RED CENT will emulate all those bands that Uncut keep championing, as their sound is perhaps a little too rough around the edges. This is by design however, and really you wouldn't want it any other way.

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