Monday 13 July 2015

Slow Riot - City Of Culture

Article by KevW

Statements of intent are always useful when it comes to your debut single, and Irish band Slow Riot have certainly made one here. Grabbing the post-rock bull by its horns, they build this track to a ferocious climax that borders on grunge (when you read that their list of influences ranges from Gang Of Four to Future Of The Left it actually all makes sense). 'City Of Culture' is an ode to their hometown of Limerick which was awarded the title in 2014, although this isn't overtly obvious in the lyrics, and neither is the fact that they consider the award a good or bad thing.

With Bunnymen guitars and Joy Division vocals for the verses, 'City Of Culture' is a powerhouse of a tune, sounding more like a band at the peak of their powers than just starting out. The energy only intensifies in the chorus, as that voice switches closer to a scream with the continuous pounding of the rhythm section anchoring everything in place. A squalling guitar solo sees the real change from that dark and brooding atmosphere to something more modern and visceral. Just listening to the ending is enough to give you a sore throat, so singing it must require pipes of steel. Definitely a band to stick in your ones to watch list.

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