Sunday 26 July 2015

Get Me Free #15: Timeslides - Get Well Soon

Article by KevW

In terms of sound and melodic style, London band Timeslides are not dissimilar to shoegazers Ceremony, the main difference being that they offer a slightly less jarring attack of fuzz, as though Ceremony's rough edges have been sanded down to become a little smoother. Any comparison to the unsung Virginian heroes generally means the music in question is well worth a listen, and it's no different in this instance, because not only does 'Get Well Soon' boast a great sound, it's also a quality tune to boot.

So you should know to expect: a pounding beat, the continual sound of static humming from the speakers, a vocal that doesn't attempt any ridiculous histrionics, and a simple, classic and infectious melody. Oh, and lots of guitar. There's the merest hint of New Order in places, but you certainly couldn't get the two mixed up. With so little information on the band available (they're two members of Crash Island is all we have), and so few songs posted (just two as far as we can tell), it's difficult to know if the style they've adopted here is their chosen route or a one-off, but they've delivered a wonderful track in 'Get Well Soon', so let's hope they don't go changing too much.

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