Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Starkins - Roundabout

Single review by jay@thesoundofconfusion.com

Let's get this out of the way, shoot the bequiffed elephant in the room. The Starkins are from Sheffield. They sing with an accent. The guitars are choppy, angular, within the first ten seconds your feet are tapping. But stop... they do not sound like the Artic Monkeys. OK, the elephant is now slain and its quiff wilting. There is musical linage here, but it is in the sense of great, timeless British indie. Running from The Smiths, Roses, to the Libs and into today with bands such as Palma Violets. Regardless of heritage 'Roundabouts' has one of the most infectious hooks of the year, and we haven't made it out of the first week yet.

After ten seconds, yes, your foot is tapping like a flea on speed, then twenty seconds in all of you is up and spinning like a whirligig (not quite sure what one is but it seems to fit). The whole of 'Roundabout' is underpinned by a crystalline pure, Marr-esque melody and immaculately crisp drums. And then with a wickedly joyous final punch of boover-boys "way-oos" leading us into the song's final blast that spins you around so gloriously fast you think limbs will detach from bodies. 'Roundabout' has landed as a perfectly formed package of indie pop intent that once opened it is so riotously addictive that it stays with you longer than your New Year hangover.

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Fri, Jan 17, Sun Inn, Monk Bretton
Sat, Jan 18, Travellers, South Kirby

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