Friday, 3 January 2014

Summer Cannibals - Make You Better

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Take a medium sized portion of riot grrrl, a generous helping of Breeders fuzz and then coat with a thick layer of Veruca Salt, and voilĂ ! You have the recipe for this rather ace new EP from Summer Cannibals. The title-track basically tells you everything you need to know: they have that particular branch of grungy-rock perfected, with a catchy chorus, scratchy guitars and no small amount of rumbling, muddy bass and distortion holding everything together. This is an EP that makes for a suitably impressive follow-up to the Portland quartet's debut album 'No Makeup'.

These four songs are simply pop songs at heart and they could be adapted to fit many genres, although they fit this one very nicely indeed. 'Sit Still' creeps up on you, sliding in with an unassuming intro before gradually introducing a chugging riff and then unleashing more carefully controlled crunching alt-rock for another memorable chorus; they're not short of hooks. It's noticeable how comfortable they are with throwing in a solo too, and these are always perfectly fitting and never indulgent. They could have borrowed 'That Feeling' from any number of '60s girl groups, it's those kind of melodies but you'd never have found Phil Spector and the like using this amount of distortion. They finish things in a suitably grungy manner with 'Not Your Turn', a grittier number that concludes a fine set of tunes.

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